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EL Khalil Foundation (EKF), is a Non-Profit NGO, established by the El-Khalil Family in 2003 with the purpose of assisting the people of Hasbaya District through various programs that will help improve conditions on personal, social and business levels.

Our Programs

As a result of the circumstances that has afflicted the District, people living in the District lack various resources and knowledge on different subjects, which will requires direct involvement, training and exposure in the areas that we have focused on as our objectives.
Furthermore, we will be exploring and assisting in the development of programs that will enable participants to become self-sufficient economically.

Cultural Exposure & Integration

In this thematic area, we have included programs that can benefit all inhabitants within the District.

Youth Development & Leadership

A recent research that we have conducted found that almost equal numbers of youth wish to stay, as those wishing to leave their villages. Although this – in itself – is not significant in anyway, the reasons are obvious: youth wishing to stay is due to attachment to family, and those wishing to leave is due to the lack of opportunities and the inability to build a descent future.

Women Empowerment

This is the most sensitive thematic area we will be working on. There were some very important observations to be noted. While women in generally were conservative, they showed lack of confidence, lack of communication skills, the absence of satisfaction and most notably, a poor educational level. Women in the District suffer from routine, emptiness and the inability to express who they are, and as a result.

El Khalil Foundation


Guided by the wisdom of our Founding Father, Mohammed El-Khalil, and in the light of his teachings, united in our beliefs and aspirations, we have resolved to build a Foundation that will strive to create value for our communities and the people at large.

News & Events

News / Feb 17, 2019

Education For All

News / Feb 04, 2019

Launching "LEC" Program
El Khalil Foundation announces the programme "Learn English Connect" in partnership with...

Events / Feb 17, 2019

Supporting the learning and logical difficulties and the mobility of children"
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Events / Feb 09, 2019

Cooperation between MUBS and El Khalil Foundation
Signed cooperation between Mubs And El Khalil Foundation.

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